Alice Ladenburg (b.1985) undertakes individual and collaborative projects in a range of mediums including video, photography, drawing and performance. 

Often nomadic in nature, many of her projects playfully capture times and places to give structure to her experiences of the complex, and at times irrational, world we live in today. Over the past five years she has also been developing new art-science research methods and modes of presentation in academia, working collaboratively and across disciplines to reflect upon the nature of individual observation, knowledge and creativity. Both research and production based, this work is influenced by scientific methodologies, but does not set out to explain results or prove a hypothesis, rather portray an individual understanding of any given time and place. This investigative process considers visual, audio and written observations as ‘data’ to be ‘analysed’, ‘processed’ and finally presented in a variety of formats and environments.

She trained in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art (graduating 2008), and received a TECHNE grant from the Arts and Humanities Research council to undertake a masters degree in Cultural Geography at the Royal Holloway University of London (2015). She has recently worked with The Institute of Economic Research and Innovation at Tshwane University, South Africa and with geography departments at the University of Edinburgh, Royal Holloway University of London and the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. She currently lives and works in London and Rotterdam.