Two Dinners


T.V Dinner, 2009

A DVD is delivered to the audience’s home. It begins with the artist, facing the viewer, waiting for a pizza to arrive with a glass of wine. The audience at home also wait. A pizza is delivered, both to the artist on screen, and to the audience at home. The artist and audience drink and eat together, watching each other from their sofas.


Ytrap rennid sdrawkcab 2013

Colony | 14 Warren St
Friday 6th December
7 - 9.30pm with after dinner entertainment

Taking the lead from Gordon Matta Clark's FOOD events, this unique culinary journey and dining experience included a six-course meal, served in reverse order to 25 guests.

Colony was a project by Anarch, taking the form of a two-week occupation of a former lighting showroom in Fitzrovia. Based around letters by Gordon Matta-Clark and a large scale architectural commission by Andrew T Cross, there was a host daily activities by Colony Network.

With Black Sheep Coffee, Les Greedy Couchons and That Hungry Chef.
Photography by