Handstand Archive 2009 - present
An ongoing series of handstands around the world.

Armenia / Austria / Belgium / China / England / Finland / Georgia / Hong Kong / Ireland / Italy / Malawi / Morocco / Mozambique / The Netherlands / Scotland / South Africa / Spain / Turkey / USA


Lochnegar, Scotland [03.09.12]  

Simatai, Great Wall of China [24.05.12]

Ludadzi Bridge, Malawi [19.02.13] 

Crosby Beach, Liverpool [04.11.12]

Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong [21.05.12] 

Target Bay, Loch Nevis [19.08.12[

 Antwerp, Belgium [25.08.14] 

Ambassadors Island, USA [05.08.13] 

Ait Bougmez Valley, Morocco [08.08.10]

Tofo, Mozambique [07.03.13] 

For the fleeting seconds of a handstand a different sort of world exists. Another than the one present when standing on two feet. Thoughts don't exist as processes, just sensations. The focus shifts to the wrong-way-up. There are a wholly light few seconds when a place of balance is reached. The ground and the sky and whatever might be in between are seen without thought. As the balance fails, awareness is drawn in. Falling back to the feet, the world spins round and resumes as usual. The down-side-up.